FAQs – How to look after your bike

Looking after your bike

Looking after your bike is very easy and can be completed by anyone. If you look after your bike and clean it regularly it will extend the life of the components. A clean and well looked after bike will run smoothly and make your ride more pleasurable. 

Why should I service my bike?

Keeps you and your bike safe.

Keeps your bike running smoothly.

Cuts down on the chance your bike will let you down whilst out riding.

Can keep cost down (Some worn parts will advance the wear  of other parts)

How can I tell when my bike needs a service?

If the gears start slipping, making a noise or if the chain jumps off.

If the brakes start feeling soft or are less effective.

When you notice any new noises or rattles. Investigated early; usually it's an easy fix, but best to catch it early! 

Feel free to drop in to our workshop or give us a call. We are happy to give advice on whether your bike needs a service without any obligation.

How often should I service my bike?

How often depends on how much you ride.

Daily commuters/regular riders and racers - Yearly Service with a quick Interim Service every six months.

Occasional riders - Once a year will be enough.


For more advice on bike maintenance check-out our Advice Page

When should I oil my chain?

Firstly, it is always best to use bike specific oil and do not get confused with oil and products like WD40 or GT85, they are different. We recommend Finish Line oils, Wet Lube for winter and wet condition's and Dry Lube for summer and dry days.

Finish Line oil

Applying oil to the chain should be done on a regular bases, depending on how often you ride and what conditions you ride in and also after you wash your bike.

Washing your bike and oiling chain is the easiest and most cost effective way to looking after your bike. Again use bike specific products when cleaning your bike, such as Finish Line Bike Clean.

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After washing your bike or riding in wet conditions ensure the chain is dry by either riding it up and down the road or shacking it around (standing water cause’s rust). 

Once dry go ahead and oil. Oil the chain, a drop on each link, excessive oiling will attract more dirt and grit.