Easy Internal Cabling

Easy Internal Cabling

Easy Internal Cabling Internal cabling is becoming increasingly common and it can be a nightmare to re-route if you haven’t done it before or are unprepared. Many of the more thoughtful company’s have inbuilt sleeves running through the frame, from entry point to exit point, this makes the process a lot easier. However, for those bikes […]

10 minute cassette clean

A guide on how to clean a bike cassette If you clean the cassette whilst the chain is removed it will be a super quick job. For best results remove the rear wheel. Using a cassette cleaning brush and cleaner/degreaser clean cassette thoroughly, getting in to all the nooks and crannies. It is very frustrating […]

15 minute chain clean

The best way to clean your bike chain is to remove it (See step 2). However, if you do not want to remove it, the best way is with a chain cleaning machine. Run the chain through the chain cleaning machine a couple of times, change the cleaning fluid regularly. Ensure you keep the fluid […]