15 minute chain clean

  • The best way to clean your bike chain is to remove it (See step 2). However, if you do not want to remove it, the best way is with a chain cleaning machine. Run the chain through the chain cleaning machine a couple of times, change the cleaning fluid regularly. Ensure you keep the fluid away from brakes and wheel rims.
Bike chain cleaning

Finish Line chain cleaner

  • Any bike chain can be removed from the bike, but chains with quick links such as SRAM and KMC are the easiest to remove and reusable. Using a pair of master link pliers is the easiest way to remove a quick link, but they can be removed by hand with a little gentle persuasion and fiddling.
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KMC link removing pliers

  • Once the chain is off the bike, dump it in some cleaning fluid/degreaser (an old drinks bottle is ideal for this) and go for a cuppa. On return give the bottle a good shake, ensuring the lid is on tight. Then take the chain out and give it a good brush with an old toothbrush, now give it a wipe down with an old rag and rinse with warm water, cleaning off any excess fluid.

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  • Dry the chain (a hair-dryer is good for this) and replace. Lube, wiping off excess and ride.



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