Fabric Cageless System

Fabric have been around for a while now producing nifty cycling paraphernalia, from saddles to tools to bar tape and grips but this relatively new item is one of our favourites.

The Fabric Cageless System is a revolutionary system that does away completely with the unsightly cage normally associated with standard water bottles, saving weight and bringing a neat feel to the down tube.


 Fabric Cageless System

The ultra-lightweight studs weigh in at only 1.5g a pair, compared to a lightweight carbon cage weighting in 25g or a heavyweight aluminium cage weighing in at a massive 40g.

Each system comes complete with a bottle and two sets of studs, for those with more than one bike. 

I think you would agree, at £9.99 this system is a great upgrade for any discerning cyclist.

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    • Thanks for visiting and reading our review. Its a great alternative to the standard bottle and cage but it doesn’t work as well on the MTB as on the road bike

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